How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done



Ole and Jenni have written a book which is, at the same time, incredibly useful, thoughtful, and relevant to today’s work.
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Why we wrote Together

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After many years working with people transforming their organizations in order to reduce time to market, increase value delivered to customers, and make it easier to adapt to change, we know the key to accomplishing those objectives is about people. Understanding how and when people do their best work is the key.

Our book focuses on how leaders can support their people in a constantly changing world – how leaders can help people get great things done. When we involve and engage people, we create ownership. That ownership leads to motivation, and to people who feel valued for their contributions.

In TOGETHER, we share our Involve & Engage Principles™ and common-sense practices to Understand Together, Plan Together, Validate Together, and Reflect Together. We’ve organized the book around these four areas and within each, we share our stories, experiences, science, and our tips and techniques to help you continue your journey creating environments where people thrive.

We hope you’ll use our book as a guide as you change how your organizations work. And we’d be honored if you share your tips and techniques with us, too.

All the best,
Jenni & Ole